Thanks to wind power, no Imu for the citizens of Tula

Thanks to wind power, no Imu for the citizens of Tula

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Tula is an Italian town in the province of Sassari and thanks towind energy, the approximately 1,700 inhabitants will not have to pay the new house tax. For the rest of the Italians, the IMU payment deadline is getting closer and closer, but not for this handful of Sardinian inhabitants. It is the mayor who gives the good news: "no Imu for citizens, thanks to the wind farm we are in balance“.

Andrea Becca, mayor of Tula, has decided to exempt the inhabitants from paying the IMU on their first home. Unfortunately, the new Monti maneuvers foresee the intervention by the municipal administrations only on the tax relating to the first home, therefore Andrea Becca could not do anything else for his citizens, at least not in this sense.

The municipality of Tula is in a balanced budget. The mayor, deciding not to tax the inhabitants of the IMU, renounced an income of about 50,000 euros but this waiver will not be felt in the pockets of the municipal administration: "Our municipality -comments the mayor- is fortunate to be able to count on extraordinary income due to the presence of a wind farm.” It is for this reason that the municipality has decided not to establish the additional personal income tax which, where applicable, weighs heavily on the family budget. Here's how Andrea Becca explains the IMU draw:

"We have reduced the rate from 4 to 2 per thousand and at the same time increased the deduction on the Imu from 200 to 400 euros to be added to the deductions for dependent children for 50 euros for each child. In this way, after having made the calculations on the new cadastral income of the houses of the municipality, by virtue of the 60% increase envisaged by the measure, we have neutralized the tax. Bringing it to the value 0 ».

For Tula, thewind energy it is a more than concrete resource: no personal income tax, no IMU and for seven years, the tax on waste from citizens of the municipality of Sassari has not risen.

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