Vertical garden to decorate your home

Vertical garden to decorate your home

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A wall rich in green, this is the effect obtained with i vertical gardens. Ornamental plants can furnish home with elegance and style, they can bring a breath of clean air and can create an original and modern style, especially if they will be hosted by a stand for vertical gardens.

The newest member of the family is the Live Screen by designer Danielle Trofe. The Live Screen was presented these days at Wanted Design in New York City. It is a real one wall planter which exploits the system of hydroponic technology so as to be able to grow ornamental plants without dirtying the house. It has a self-irrigation system that simplifies manpower and facilitates the process of plant growth.


The water is circulated with an air pump that pushes it up to the root system of the plants. The Live Screen, when it enters the production chain, it will probably be made of 80% recycled plastic. Danielle Trofe's is not the only one vertical garden, there are various types of wall or even floating gardens, this is the new frontier of indoor plants.

Technology hydroponics allows soil-less cultivation where the earth is replaced by an inert substrate such as expanded clay, perlite, coconut fiber, zeolite ... The plant needs a large amount of nutrients to grow and nourish itself, these are administered through the 'irrigation. Numerous substances can be dissolved in water which, by irrigating the plant, also provide essential elements for development.


The soil not only provides nourishment to the plant but also solid support. In the system hydroponic, the ground anchoring function can be replaced by a series of wires that hold the plants suspended by keeping them in the right position.

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