Green Banking made in Italy

Green Banking made in Italy

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Green banking is a source of new opportunities

Green Globe Banking Award & Conference is the appointment that offers a complete picture of the green banking made in Italy, explores the social and economic advantages of the new green approach which starts from financial institutions and underlines its growth potential and employment opportunities.

The banking institutions, in search of innovative solutions for the development of their business, they begin to look more and more with interest towards green oriented consumers, putting in place new financial strategies aimed at building and consolidating the reference market.

“The concept of green banking - explains Marco Fedeli, creator of the event and founder of Globiztranslates into the development of market strategies and the implementation of specific activities, as well as one green philosophy which avoids over-consumption internally by showing itself to be attentive to waste, aware of deriving from these efforts a sure return of economic, social and environmental value ".

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), however, often interpreted and translated into image operations that go beyond the creation of economic advantages. "The bank - underlines Fedeli - has the delicate task of helping to consolidate a new interpretative framework on the role of CSR as an instrument of value that is not separate from a real opportunity for economic return".

Green banking it also means new employment opportunities “However, they need new skills - explains Fedeli - that is, specifically trained professional figures, indispensable for a correct formulation of successful market strategies, avoiding the risks associated with greenwashing, or the self-attribution of untrue 'green' merits”.

Green Globe Banking Award & Conference takes place on Thursday 14 June 2012, from 2 pm, in the Sala delle Colonne of the Palazzo Corio Casati in Milan, the historical seat of the Banca Popolare di Milanor. On the occasion, the Italian Touring Cloud, winner of the third edition of the Green Globe Banking Award in Honerem, the award established in 2010 with the aim of enhancing the commitment of people, organizations or national and international institutions, towards the protection and respect for the environmental heritage.

Edited by Michele Ciceri

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