Technologies for the smart city: Smart City Summit 2012

Technologies for the smart city: Smart City Summit 2012

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There Smart City, connected and intelligent, and the opportunity offered by EXPO 2015 to test innovations that improve the experience of living, are the theme of SMART CITY SUMMIT 2012, the event scheduled for Monday 2 July at the ABI congress center in Milan. International experts will bring their testimony and conduct the comparison on world best practices with particular attention to the development key offered by ICT issues: augmented reality, smart grids, telepresence, telemedicine, Big Data, the new generation networks and i mobile devices, the Open Data, the Cloud, the crowd sourcing.

Singapore, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Masdar, Incheon is PlanIT Valley are the most advanced examples in the world of applicative experimentation of the concept Smart Cities and Smart Community, a point of reference that the Italian Government has also set as a key element of the strategy for economic recovery overall of our country.

The Smart Cities ("Smart cities") they can be classified along 6 areas of interest according to the MIUR definition: economy, mobility, environment, people, quality of life, governance. A territory can be defined as smart when it focuses its development efforts on human capital and social, in transport and in information and communication technologies (ICT), in the careful management of natural resources and in promoting a participatory governance.

There Smart Community, considered in a broader sense, with respect to the definition of large and medium-sized urban agglomeration, is one "Smart diffuse city" which addresses socio-environmental issues, on mobility, safety, education, energy and environmental saving.

SMART CITY SUMMIT 2012 is organized by The Innovation Group. is media partner of the event.

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