Costa Rica will become the first Carbon Neutral Republic

Costa Rica will become the first Carbon Neutral Republic

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By 2021, Costa Rica has set itself the goal of becoming a Republic carbon neutral. He wants to do this by increasing the renewables and embracing the policy of thickening green areas. The ambitious project provides for an increase in the number of trees in order to compensate for harmful emissions and eliminate the contribution to climate changes.

The first step towards the project zero emissions will be completed by 2014. In the next year the Republic of Costa Rica plans to install a power of 100 mewatt da wind energy. Of course, this milestone is only a very small step and is only a tenth of the goal set by Uruguay in the sector wind power but you have to start from one side!

The idea is to abandon the power plants based on fossil fuels. In 2011, Costa Rica generated about 73% of its energy fromhydroelectric and only 4% fromwind power. With his project, Costa Rica would become the first country carbon neutral. The premises of the country are good:

there are no plans for the construction of additional coal plants, after 2015 the reduced emissions produced by Costa Rica will be offset by the production of oxygen derived from green areas. Currently thepower Costarricense derives from plants a biomass that exploit wood waste, agricultural waste and cane products, wind farms, solar but also energy geothermal and above all hydroelectricity.

The Republic of Costa Rica is one of the smallest states in Central America. By becoming the first country carbon neutral could derive great benefits from the tourism sector by increasing the incoming of eco-virtuous tourists.

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