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We often talk about green building but in Italy there are still too few examples to be reported. When it comes to green building reference is made to an architectural practice that respects the environment and the principles of sustainability. What are the characteristics that a building should have in order to be considered a masterpiece of green building?

You can start by favoring materials with a bass environmental impact such as biomattone but also more simply traditional materials such as stone, plaster, lime or wood. For the choice of building materials it is necessary to know the production processes in order to understand how they will be disposed of and what impact they will have on the environment both directly and indirectly.

Outdoor light can reduce the need to use artificial lighting. For this reason it is good to incorporate skylights, set up large windows and equip the building with lighting a low energy consumption.

Photovoltaic roofing systems can drastically reduce costs on electricity bill and the harmful emissions. Do not underestimate the mini-wind, especially in rural areas and in the open countryside where windy efficiency can do a lot.

Thermal insulation
You can use environmentally friendly thermal insulators capable of keeping moisture away, or, more simply, you can build following the principles of greenhouses - absorb solar heat and reuse it for heating - or natural cooling with underground air ducts is natural ventilation.

Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency translates into lower costs for those who will live in the building but also a drastic reduction in the pollution produced by heating, air conditioning, lighting and the use of household appliances. An example of a building with good energy efficiency is the school The Watercolor, of Parma. This uses expanded clay and other strategies to reduce consumption.

L'energy efficiency is obtained using specific materials and technology is an excellent ally, just look at the innovations in terms of renewable but also new materials such as window films that reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling.

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