In Milan, the aperitif becomes Green

In Milan, the aperitif becomes Green

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Happy hour Happy Planet! In Milan, aperitif time goes green and what more suitable event thanappetizer to involve people? People of all kinds find themselves drinking cocktails and munching on what the house offers.

After a day of work and study, theappetizer it has become a moment of relaxation and if you go back to the counter with your old glass, you pay less for the next drink. This soft drink is just an example, like all human activities, even the aperitif time has a environmental impact and the idea is to reduce it by decreasing the consumption of water, energy, waste and pollution!

Happy Hour Happy Planet is a campaign of environmental education lively and engaging. Not only aperitifs for their own sake but also exhibitions, book presentations and meetings. The managers of the premises involved will not only have to entertain their customers but also make them aware of the fundamental issues of the planet, such as food, water, energy, waste and sustainable mobility.

Among the purposes of this year we see the desire to build a solidarity buying group so as to make the purchase of biological food and ecological consumer goods such as napkins, detergents, bioplastic tableware and all that is good for the planet. Young people, families and children will be involved with a series of events for all tastes. From the official website of Happy Hour Happy Planet it is possible to see which clubs are participating. Happy Hour Happy Planet, a project conceived by Fratelli dell’uomo and Città Possibili, created thanks to the contribution of the Cariplo Foundation, andin collaboration with Terre di mezzo and Ied Research Center.

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