London on the eve of the Olympics is green

London on the eve of the Olympics is green

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London is preparing for the opening of the XXX Edition ofOlympic Games which will start on July 27. Many investments have been made so that it could appear on a human scale. The mobility in a simple and ecological way. In addition to the rental use of electric cars and bicycles river transport on the Thames and its canals was also encouraged. There will be public transport (the Waterbus), private or rented which will have dedicated moorings at the piers of Camden, Little Venice, Paddington, Victoria Park, Canary Wharf and several others, that is very close to the competition fields.

Sustainability and strengthening also for the underground network.
Six thousand square meters of solar panels were installed on the Victorian bridge across the Thames at Blackfriars station. A large sun deck with an inconspicuous appearance, which will satisfy half of yours energy demand. Great Britain is participating, in fact, in achieving the goal that it envisages by 2020 the 25% reduction in emissions in rail transport.

Significant public investments, which are part of the budget of 9.3 billion pounds planned for 2012, have allowed to accelerate the arrival of further private investments. And the fate of the Olympic Village and implants?

It will be converted into apartments Londoners desperately need. Given the high prices of real estate in the capital, these constructions will become accessible to ordinary citizens.

The park and the permanent headquarters of the Games have been conceived in such a way as to leave an important legacy to the next generations: before the start of the Games, operators were hired to manage six of the eight structures built. This is something no other city does olympic venue managed to get. In addition to creating jobs and training opportunities, on the basis of agreements that we have guaranteed, the sports facilities will then be accessible to everyone.

In addition, a eco-sustainable building. The building has a garden on each floor, apartments, offices, restaurants, shops, art galleries and a hotel, the Shangri-La, which occupies eighteen floors. The walls of the building are covered with triple glass which helps to reduce infrared radiation by promoting natural ventilation. The energy requirements it is ensured by a combined low emission system.

Do not overlook theThe Pinnacle which will be finished in 2014. Another building that responds to low environmental impact characteristics with a naturally ventilated facade using a system of overlapping panels.

In 2011 theHeron Tower (230 meters), awarded with environmental certification for having reduced artificial lighting to a minimum, thanks to its large glass surfaces covered with very thin photovoltaic cells. At this point we should hope that with Milan Expo 2015 the same results will be achieved, if this were not the case we would have wasted yet another opportunity.

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