How to make a plant from a cob

How to make a plant from a cob

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With the maize almost ready to harvest in the fields, here's a simple idea to invent a new green motif suitable for the home without going to the florist. All you need is a nice one cob ripe, a vase and a little earth.

If possible, take a trip to the countryside and get yourself a nice one cob well ripe (get along with the farmer!), possibly choosing it short, large and with white rather than yellow grains. The operation should be easy enough because in this period the maize comes to maturity and the corn on the cob peep out from the now withered stems.

Hang the cob upside down to dry in the shade, at least for fifteen days, until the grains are well dried. Take a normal terracotta pot, or a copper or terracotta pot; if there is no drain hole at the bottom of the chosen container, put some gravel and chopped charcoal.

Now put some potting soil (normal potting soil is fine) and plant there corn on the cob cwith the tip pointing upwards and cover it with about 5 centimeters of earth. Press on the surface to settle the soil.

At this point, water lightly every day and place the pot in good light but not too hot. After some time, you will see the cob a beautiful plant with long green leaves, similar to the dracena, which, if treated like the most important plants, will last all winter.

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