Giradora, the pedal washing machine

Giradora, the pedal washing machine

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There washing machine weighs heavily on the electricity bill of our home. Do you know how a washing machine works? All women will have heard of "centrifuge"And all women will have imagined at least once that mixing movements are needed to create friction between the water, the detergent and the clothes themselves so as to be able to wash off even the most stubborn stains.

In our homes, the electric current guarantees those mixing movements but ... what if they were our feet? Thus was born the idea of pedal washing machine!

Anyone who wants to save energy with laundry without giving up the washing machine can now do so with the pedal wash!

The first project of pedal washing machine He was calledGiradora and had won two important awards in 2013, the first in the context ofsocial innovation with the “Dell Social Innovation Challenge” competition and the second for its simple and functional design with the “International Design Excellence Awards”.

Giradora set itself the goal of providing a product for doing laundry even in places without an electrical network where women struggle a lot to wash clothes and have to reach rivers or wells that are often very distant from their homes.

Giradora, the pedal washing machine, had been introduced, in the test phase, in some locations in Peru and a test of the device was planned in some areas of India and other countries of South America.

The target sales price was only $ 40.

Unfortunately, it now seems that the project stopped in 2015 before reaching the commercialization phase!

The official Facebook page: is in fact "stopped" in April 2015 and the last post states that the product is still under development and not yet on sale.

Pedal washing machine: Drumi by Yirego

Giradora's legacy appears to have been taken from a very similar product called Drumi, from the Canadian company Yirego.

Here is the official product presentation video:

On the official website it is already possible to pre-order the product with deliveries scheduled for spring - summer 2018.

The word "expected", however, obliges as always to use caution and evaluate before proceeding with the purchase also because in the meantime the price has risen to as much as $ 299!

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