Sicily, the island that is good for the environment

Sicily, the island that is good for the environment

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The new Sicilian slogan could be this: the island exists and is good for the environment. We talk about ecological islands which, in Sicily, make the difference. In just two months, the Sicilian Municipality of Castelbuono, Palermo, managed to collect 60 refrigerators, 250 monitors and 3,100 kg of washing machines and dishwashers, not to mention the lamps and light bulbs. The numbers are even more interesting if we consider an urban area with less than 9400 inhabitants. This was possible thanks to the activation of a'ecological island presented by the WWF and Electrolux together with the collection point of the municipality of Burgio (AG).

The new ones were presented in Palermo ecological islands for the collection of WEEE -waste electrical and electronic equipment - now at the end of their life cycle. Thanks to ecological islands, the percentage of recycling it saw a big increase from 34% in July to 51% in September. These are the estimated figures for Castelbuono.

As regards Burgio, at the Parco dei Monti Sicani, in August theecological island which will house the WEEE of 2,800 citizens. In the municipality of Brugio the aim is to reach a percentage of recycling 73% by 2015, it is currently 60%. Another positive fact is the imminent opening of a composting plant in the Contrada Cassanisa and at the "six asses hired”For door-to-door collection.

The domestic appliances account for about 50% of the energy consumption of an average family and, in the city of Palermo alone, 20 million kWh per year could be saved simply by replacing current appliances with high energy efficiency. The initiative of the new ones ecological islands it aims precisely at this. The preparation of the ecological islands it is part of the project Green Spirit in Sicily, the main goal is to minimize the environmental impacts associated with household appliances. Give it disposal to their functioning: the replacement of household appliances represents a fundamental step in the fight against climate changes and apparently Sicily exists and is an island that is good for the environment.

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