Let's help Patagonia together

Let's help Patagonia together

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I hate all the invitations on Facebook, MyCalendar, Farmville and other applications that invade my social profile. There are people who spend time and money to buy a virtual sheep that will go to graze in the fake garden of their own farm. Facebook.

I know that entertainment is good for the mood but not for me. There are so many things we can do to make the Real World a better place and I don't understand why I should waste my time with one virtual world! This was true before we found out Patagonia Reforest.

Last winter, a fire devastated over 43,000 hectares in the Torres del Paine of the National Park. Since then, some non-profit organizations have started initiatives for restore the ecosystem and restore it to its former glory. Among the various strategies, they decided to exploit the love for games on social network. Through a creative campaign, Reforest Patagonia, has recently reached its first milestone: it has managed to plant 100,000 real trees thanks to road support!

By the end of 2013, with Patagonia Reforest, it will be possible to reach the milestone of one million trees planted. The campaign has attracted considerable attention in Latin America, especially for the innovative platform with the “Virtual forest”Thanks to which, Raforest Patagonia, obtained the ANDA award for best Sustainable Marketing.

How can you "play"In Reforest Patagonia? The first step is to plant the first tree and share it on Facebook! With a donation of € 2.50 you will plant a tree and receive GPS coordinates with the ability to track the life of your tree using Google Maps. We from we planted various trees and received the official certificate of its authenticity. The trees were planted in our name and the GPS coordinates are: -44.52872000, -71.47505000.

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