Sustainable agriculture in Italy

Sustainable agriculture in Italy

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The development of ecological quality agricultural chains is the theme of the seventh National Assembly which takes place today 18 September in the context of States General of the Green economy - organized by the Ministry of the Environment and 39 green business organizations - which will take place in Rimini on 7 and 8 November next as part of Ecomondo.

The Italian agricultural system is the bearer of a sustainability model and quality linked to a territory admired and imitated in the world. There Italian agri-food quality it is certainly organoleptic value, health excellence, for the fundamental link with the Mediterranean diet, but it is also the ability to evoke beauties, cultures and traditions and an expression of know-how and knowing how to innovate. All this is expressed with the concept of Made in Italy, which does not indicate a protectionist economic model but a projection into the future of a great system of values.

The Assembly takes place in Rome, in Palazzo Rospigliosi in via XXIV Maggio, and is one of the last organized by the eight working groups on strategic issues of green economy waiting for the big November meeting in Rimini where the General States of the Green Economy are convened. That will be the time to pull the strings and take stock of the situation on green policies in Italy to draw useful information for the implementation of strategies aimed at safeguarding the environment, the well-being of citizens and the creation of new jobs.