How to make money from recycling

How to make money from recycling

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Combining economic convenience with environmental benefits is the basis of the new separate waste collection project, MrPET, the first recycling system awarded in Italy. MrPET, thanks to the collaboration with the Corepla Consortium, it is a system of recycling which offers the community a strong economic incentive for virtuous behavior, as well as protecting the environment.

How to make money from recycling
Is simple! The more you recycle, the more you earn.
The procedures to follow are quite simple and focus on four main points:
1) the station dedicated to the collection
2) the creation of economy through FADA points (Loyalty friendly to the environment);
3) the relationship with the territory;
4) environmental communication.

How does it work?
The real protagonists of this new project will be the citizens where they will cover the double role of active engines of the system and at the same time of beneficiaries! Users carry the PET bottles, then the corresponding FADA points are loaded on a special card, the MrPET card. The points are transformed into discounts and rewards in the points of sale participating in the circuit. The new machine has special spaces for the separate collection of caps and rejected bottles. The devices for card acceptance MrPET and for loading bottles they have a rather low location to facilitate use for disabled people.

These collection stations will be integrated into the street furniture, thanks to the participation of numerous artists dedicated to urban art who will take part in the preparation of the casings. The positioning of the stations will be coordinated by the Public Administration together with COREPLA and the operators MrPET. The new system MrPET it creates the conditions for an important element of growth for quality separate collection where everyone is involved: institutions, operators, commercial entities, city associations. The project will therefore create positive economic spirals that will benefit the community. Economic convenience will be the pillar on which the virtuous collective habits of al respect for the environment.

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