Sicily, the first thermodynamic solar plant rises

Sicily, the first thermodynamic solar plant rises

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Sicily, the southernmost region of the territory where the sun is almost always the protagonist, focuses on solar energy such as renewable source. After the agreement of the Charter of the Sun of a few days signed between Anest (National Association Thermodynamic Solar Energy) and Fred Sicilia (Regional Forum for Distributed Energy) in partnership with Confindustria Sicilia and Fondazione Sicilia, the first thermodynamic solar system Italian.

The world's first operations center with Italian molten salt technology (more efficient and less polluting than that based on heating oils) launched by the Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia, capable of supplying energy even during the night, with higher yields than traditional photovoltaics.

When it comes to solar thermodynamic reference is made to a plant a concentration which captures thermal energy and transforms it into electricity, thanks to a steam turbine and alternator. The thermodynamic solar power plant will be ready by 2015 and will be built by Enel Green Power in the province of Catania. The mega plant will be supported by a biomass plant and will supply electricity to around 40,000 households. Its power will be 30 megawatts, with the ability to produce 60% of the energy of a plant of the same power but powered by fossil fuels and will cost about 200 million euros.

This project will create 150 jobs for maintenance and operation and beyond, several thousand jobs will be secured during the construction of the facility. A great development opportunity for the Sicilian economy.

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