Green Roof, the roof garden

Green Roof, the roof garden

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Can a vegetative layer be grown on a roof like a real one garden? Yes, thanks to green technology, it is possible to sow, grow and plant your plants on the roof of your house. Are the green roof, which translated literally means "green roof“, As can be guessed, it is an earth cover which, when carried on the roof, creates a ground for all types of cultivationthus, everything that is sown grows thanks to the soil that must be isolated with suitable methods.

The green roof represents one of the key themes of modern architecture and finds its greatest admirers especially in urban metropolises suffocated by pollution.

The urban center benefits aesthetically as i green roofs they are beautiful to look at and green spaces increase with the consequent production of oxygen. Beyond the landscape aspect, i green roof they can contribute to improving the quality of city life by solving some problems of the urban system.

The benefits of green roof in fact, in large cities there are many:

  • they favor thermal insulation as they cool in summer while in winter they help not to lose heat
  • they capture Co2 and all pollutants, fighting air pollution in a natural way
  • they freshen the air and mitigate this unpleasant phenomenon
  • they promote sound insulation: the substrate absorbs low frequency waves and the vegetation absorbs high frequency waves
  • they facilitate the management of rainwater quality: they can reduce and slow down the flow of rainwater in urban areas
  • they favor the absorption of electrosmog: they absorb 94% of the frequency emissions of the cellular mobile network and transceivers
  • they retain the dust carried by the wind and the harmful substances that are absorbed by the photosynthesis process of plants
  • they can decrease the degree of fine dust present in the air.

The buildings presenting a green roof, can more easily achieve the Leed certificationPlus, investors will be delighted to hear that a “Green roof”Can increase property value by as much as 15 percent!

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