Ecocorner, the green side of Shopping

Ecocorner, the green side of Shopping

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Consumers trust the products they choose, but what impact do those products have onenvironment? The heaviest verdicts come from packaging but the web reassures us, a more ethical choice is possible! To propose it to us is the portal Ecocorner, here the supply and demand of the most virtuous producers and consumers meet.

Have you ever thought about how much your shopping pollutes? Leave the house by car, burn some fuel and return with plastic bags full of plastic packaging! If we consider an average consumption of two bottles of water per day, in a year you will have generated waste equal to 730 bottles! ISTAT data reveal that in one year, an Italian family, consisting of three people, can spend 247 euros for the purchase of bottles of water. In this way, the consumer harms the environment and their own pockets. To avoid both damages, you can make more ethical choices like buying one filter jug. The one proposed by the EcoCorner portal is the Brita filter jug, available in various colors. The carafe has a capacity of up to four liters and removes all the substances that alter its flavor from the water. With a filter jug it will no longer be necessary to depend on plastic bottles and the family will save around 22 euros per month!

From the kitchen we move on to the beauty salon because ethical choices can also be made with Make Up. The Ecocorner store offers natural products and organic such as mineral powders, foundation with almond oil and shea butter or lipsticks with jojoba oil. The choice is vast so as to satisfy, under the banner of green, the most demanding women.

They are not missing accessories ecofriendly such as hemp pouches e ecological watches. This is the SPROUT line with corn resin watches that guarantees the resistance of the classic synthetic plastic but without impacting the environment. SPROUT watches consist, for 86%, of renewable materials. Besides the corn resin, they consist of organic cotton, bamboo and mineral crystal. The batteries are mercury-free and the packaging consists of a small bag of grass seeds which at the end of its life cycle will become a small garden.

In some cases, packaging could be avoided altogether. When we buy a detergent, we take home a large plastic bottle to have only one liter of product. At the checkout, at the time of the bill, we not only buy the detergent but also pay for a waste: its container! To avoid this it is possible to buy bulk detergents.

Great attention is paid to the world of children. From toothpaste to tummy oil, without forgetting biological wipes and protective products for the skin, completely natural and delicate.

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