Minimum Impact: the whole green in one click

Minimum Impact: the whole green in one click

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Clothing, cosmetics, detergents, products for the office and home, for children and adults ... a Minimum Impact. Only green things enter this virtual shop created with the aim of spending well to live better. One click and the cart fills up, pure e-commerce: even in Italy it is taking off (slowly) because it allows you to buy products otherwise difficult to find at affordable prices.

Minimum Impact was created to let people know that ecological choices are often possible and within reach and to take up the challenge of eco-sustainability. The idea is of two people, wife and husband, mom and dad, moved by the desire to build a business starting from their ideals. Today it is a reference point for families, solidarity buying groups, cooperatives and associations.

“With my wife Maria Rosaria - explains Giuseppe Avolivolo, Director of Minimum Impactwe were young parents looking for an increasingly eco-sustainable life, especially for our children, and for this reason we were looking for products for everyday life that had a low environmental impact.

Thus it was that we realized that good will ended where we did not find green alternatives. Hence the challenge, started with so much passion, to create a reference point for the search for eco-friendly products with minimal impact.

All this happened a few years ago and since then the initiative has only grown, thanks also to all those who, starting with customers, direct us with their requests and opinions ".

The desire to always respond to customer requests in the best possible way has led Minimo Impatto to offer everything on its portal, according to a strictly green selection. “Minimum Impact - Giuseppe continues - select i best sustainable products paying attention to the environmental impact of the LCA and the effects on people. Each product of the Minimum Impact is chosen on the basis of the belief to include only the best, both from the point of view of respect for the person, starting with the children, and the environmental impact. "

The novelty of Minimum Impact by the end of 2012 it isEasy store, through which Minimum Impact opens the purchase of its products to all those who, perhaps having an e-commerce but with space and cost problems, and wanting to expand the offer, can enter the products of Minimum Impact. The goods are paid only after receiving the order and the shipment takes place directly from the headquarters of Minimo Impatto.

Minimal impact has a website, a blog and is present on major social media!/minimoimpatto

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