Energy at school with the Schneider competition

Energy at school with the Schneider competition

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Green Technologies Award: new energy for schools this year will also reward high school students who will present innovative (and applicable) projects on the subject energy efficiency ed renewable energies. It is the third time that Schneider Electric, as part of the memorandum of understanding signed with the MIUR, offers this engaging, beautifully green competition.

Energy efficiency ed renewable energies are two of the topics on the agenda of the States General Green Economy scheduled for November 7-8 in Rimini. Topics of which the leading Italian experts in the sector involved in the General States will report to the Minister of the Environment Corrado Clini the evidence that emerged over the course of a year of in-depth analysis, also essential issues for the relaunch of the economy in a green key.

Competition Green Technologies Award: new energy for schools is reserved for students in the fourth and fifth grades of the 2012-2013 school year of secondary education institutions and has, as can be guessed, the purpose of raising awareness of the educational system on the importance of issues relating toenergy efficiency and the use of renewable energies, even within school facilities.

The competition will give students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and technical skills of the green economy which will allow them to enter the world of work more quickly. The aim of the competition is to carry out projects that are applicable to technological systems relating to two themes.

Green Technologies School, or solutions for energy efficiency and / or renewable energy applicable to technological systems in schools; Green Technologies in other sectors, or solutions for energy efficiency and / or renewable energy applicable to technological systems in industry, agriculture and the tertiary sector.

The best projects, which will have distinguished themselves for innovation, practical application and documentary clarity, will be rewarded in cash with grants of 4,000, 3,000 and 2,000 euros respectively and the reference institutes will receive Schneider Electric material for the upgrading of the laboratories.

The priority objective of the competition remains that of bringing the world of technical education closer to that of industry. For the realization of the projects Schneider Electric will make all the necessary paper documentation available to students who request it. Students and teachers who want to participate can register for free at Energy University, Schneider Electric's online training course platform on energy management.

Furthermore, teachers will be able to participate in the courses provided at the Schneider Electric training centers in Turin, Stezzano (BG), Naples, Rieti, Bologna. Each school can participate with a maximum of three projects.

Applications are possible until 28 December 2012: contacts, rules and registration form on the page dedicated to the event that will be open on the site

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