Italy Pavilion at Expo 2015

Italy Pavilion at Expo 2015

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Every month we have rumors about pavilions of the countries present a Expo 2015, we talked about Swiss innovation, how undecided Latvia is and how coffee keeps us united ... butItaly? What will be the pavilion that our nation will set up at the World Exhibition "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life "? In Milan something is moving and the key elements are announced.

The first concept of the Italy Pavilion for Expo Milan 2015 was presented during the Workshop "Draw Italy " held this week at Palazzo della Triennale. The Italian creative took care of the concept Marco Balich, the same one that produced the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Turin 2006 Olympic Games and the same one that will carry out the Rio 2016 Olympics Ceremonies.

The Italy Pavilion it will have to show the best part of our country. All 'Expo 2015 Italy will have the opportunity to advertise itself twice, first of all by providing a good welcome: upon arrival, international guests will have to find efficient transport systems and adequate infrastructures. Secondly, Italy will have to present itself to the public with its pavilion which will have to synthesize values, history, products, technologies, art, food and wine excellence and much more!

Marco Balich and Diana Bracco -Commissary General for the Italian Pavilion-, revealed to the public the guidelines that are the basis of the architectural projects that will define the Italian Pavilion of Expo 2015. The key elements of the project are:
-Transparency: glass, crystals and photosensitive materials. Transparency will create a bridge between the excellent Italian companies and those of the rest of the world so as to keep open any dialogue with the outside world.
-Energy: it will be in the sign of respect for the environment and sustainability
-Water: it will evoke birth, the resources of the earth but also the ability to reflect the sky
-Nature: used as an element that is at the center of our future
-Technology: a challenge to express the identity of our country

The Pavilion will have a value "iconic ", there will be thematic areas with different spaces, in particular one area will be dedicated to the Regions. The guiding concept of the Italy Pavilion is called "Nursery Italy ", no name could be more appropriate to host what is theTree of Life.

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