Agriculture, a bridge between Europe and China

Agriculture, a bridge between Europe and China

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L'agriculture is attracting ever-increasing attention on the international scene. The growing demand for food makes the agricultural sector the real protagonist of our days. Despite the economic recession, the emerging areas of the planet are growing and with them the food consumption, as a result of high demand. If the high demand for Corn will soon lead to an increase in the price of various foodstuffs, should we expect a further increase in prices?

Paolo De Castro, President of the Agriculture and Rural Development Commission of the European Parliament, highlighted how the growth in food consumption, accompanied by climate variability, is not only driving structural growth of prices, but it is also generating phenomena typical of the so-called situations of scarcity:

"The volatility of prices, competition in the use of land, hence the recent limelight of the so-called land grabbing, the alarms on financial speculation, the review of the commercial behavior of major world players, are all phenomena that closely affect the agri-food sector Italian, the first production sector in our country and a fundamental driving force of the entire European economic system "

It is for this reason that according to De Castro, cooperation with the China. In such a global scenario, the entrepreneurial choices they cannot be defined within the European borders. Europe and China could consolidate one agricultural and food policy global so as to mitigate the consequences of the potential "situation of scarcity ". This is how De Castro comments:

«Europe and China, two worlds that used to be very distant from each other, are now getting closer together, with great complementarities, opportunities, but also responsibilities. Hence the hope that two of the main international players will stimulate a new global vision of agricultural and food policies and equip themselves, in a short time, with functional governance tools to mitigate the effects of the inevitable turbulences connected to the era of instability in we entered. "

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