Adriair: air taxi on the Mediterranean

Adriair: air taxi on the Mediterranean

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Adriair is a service of air taxi for the Mediterranean area. An idea that, if translated into practice, could improve connections with the Balkan area and relaunch the smaller Italian airports, including the Ridolfi di Forlì recently put up for sale.

Promote a network of air taxi services in the Adriatic area it would make it possible to better manage the transport needs for small numbers of goods and people but at high frequency, connected to the commercial relations maintained by local companies with the Balkan coastal area. If airports are managed in a green way, as today's technologies allow (as far as possible), the environment will also gain.

The project we are talking about involves creating a air taxi service network between the Adriatic coasts and the harmonization of the security systems of the airports involved, according to Schengen standard: to date, in fact, there are no direct air connections between the Italian Adriatic coast and the Balkan area and the carriers use the route passing through Vienna, resulting in longer transport times for goods and people.

The project has as its leader the Province of Forlì-Cesena for administrative and budget management, and also has the Province of Ravenna and theUniversity of Bologna, with the task of carrying out a market analysis for feasibility.

As for the Balkan area, on the other hand, the Croatian airports of Dubrovnik, of River and of Pula, the development fund management company L.I.R. (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the Chamber of Commerce of Tirana (Albania).

Among the activities implemented thanks to the project Adriair there is the analysis of the potential market of the regional airports that overlook the two shores of the Adriatic, the harmonization of security systems according to Schengen standards and the realization of a feasibility study on the activation of air-taxi services between the Adriatic regional airports.

The funds for the realization of the project come mostly from IPA Adriatic Program of the European Union: over 1.5 million euros for the entire project and 335 thousand euros for the Province for the administrative and reporting management of the project and the partners involved.

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