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From Open Data to OpenApps

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The Apps seem made on purpose to enhance the Open Data of the public administration. This is why Web developers have a splendid opportunity, that of accessing the information collected and stored by public bodies (Open Data) and organizing them into (salable) products in the form of applications accessible to all via Internet on the move. No limits, apart from the imagination and that it is public domain data.

A successful experiment in this direction did it Lombardy region, which through the subsidiary Lombardy IT has just concluded OpenApp Lombardia, a competition aimed at 18-35 year olds to design web applications and mobile apps based on the use of open public data made available by the Region on the site and by other subjects.

The award ceremony of OpenApp took place on Saturday 15 December at the headquarters of the Lombardy Region in the presence of the outgoing president Roberto Formigoni and since the competition wanted to help as well as reward, the top 10 classified among the 111 participating developers also received cash prizes (in total 60 thousand euros) and project contracts, training periods or internships made available by the 16 sponsors of the initiative .

The winner of OpenApp is an application called Readit and allows you to search for books in the catalogs of all libraries, borrow them, or buy them in an online bookstore, refer me to a friend or on social networks. The inventor is Giordano Tamburrelli together with a team of engineers and architects (prize: 14 thousand euros).

Second classified, By de mercaa (market day) by Davide Trevisan, an App that allows you to discover the nearest city market, save your favorite sellers and the opening days (prize: 10 thousand euros). Third place, Jeco Guides of Luca Francesco Garibaldo: a shared library of tourist guides on Lombardy accessible through the App (prize: 8 thousand euros).

Off the podium, but in the prize area: 4thEarly Childhood Lombardy of Federico Carlo Bruni (7 thousand euros); 5th EmoSchoolof Daniele Paviani (6 thousand euros); 6th Here Lombardy of Mattia Confalonieri (5 thousand euros); 7th Lombardia4 Allof Sergio Mascetti (4 thousand euros); 8th Now.Hereof Mattia Perazzoli (3 thousand euros); 9th Market 2.0of Massimo Gazzaniga (2 thousand euros); 10 ° HereTalkof Giovanni Zuolo (1000 euros).

Even those classified from 11th to 20th place will have access to internships and training periods in the company: 11th of Bernardo Picaro; 12° Search Lombardy of Andrea Berardi is Nazzareno Cantalamessa; 13° AgriLombardia of Cristian Maganetti; 14° The market today of Mauro Mezzenzana; 15° Classbump of Giuseppe Catalfamo; 16° BookTeca of Alessandro Bellu and of Gaspare Frazzitta; 17° my Lombardy of Andrea Zucca is Alessio Filippini; 18° Fairs in Lombardy of Annalisa Berti; 19° Lombardy Young of Sergio Melons; 20° Lombardy markets and fairs of Cristian Civera.

The Apps have all been created starting from 235 data set of the Lombardy Region, which ranks first in Italy after that of Istat for the number of published data sets. The OperApp App they will be downloadable for free for six months from the Apple, Android and Windows Phone stores.


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