How to carbonate water

How to carbonate water

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Have you sworn to say goodbye to plastic bottles to protect the environment? But maybe thesparkling water are you missing too much? When you buy thewater at the supermarket, most of your money is invested in waste, you pay for water and packaging, why buy something that you already have at home and it flows from your tap?

Of course, if you love sparkling water you will need a device that will allow you to gassing the water, do not worry, this type of device is not expensive at all and you will amortize the cost in no time. For gassing the water it is necessary to have a device that mixes the liquid with CO2, thus adding the famous bubbles.

If you need to drink still - without bubbles - and sparkling water, the ideal would be to install a water purification system. This way you will be sure to drink water more "clean", the finest palates may identify a different hardness between bottled water and tap water. With the purifier the difference will disappear. Most of the installers, together with the purification plant, offer free of charge an additional device that allows you to take sparkling water directly from the tap. THE water purifiers they are quite expensive.

On the other hand, the choice of buying a device that allows you to is very economical gassing the water. The expense varies according to the product purchased, there are devices on the market for gassing the water Of every kind. Generally speaking, we can say that they consist of a container for water and a cylinder containing CO2. With the most modern devices for gassing the water, the user can also choose the desired carbonation level, from a few bubbles up to making the water very sparkling.

The best water carbonators on the market

- Sodastream Play Pack Carbonator
It is the most innovative product in the Sodastream range and has an excellent value for money. It was elected product of the year 2015. With € 74.90 it is possible to obtain the Sodastream carbonator with the CO2 can (cylinder) to make 15 liters of water sparkling, a pack of three bottles and 2 500 ml concentrates for the production of soft drinks

- Sodastream JET Water carbonator
The opinions of users who have tried it describe it as simple to use and with a decent value for money. It costs 76 euros and is offered with free shipping.

– Sodastream Revolution Carbonator
One of the many Sodastream water carbonators, it is certainly among the most loved of the Sodastream range, so much so that it has accumulated a lot of positive opinions.
The price is quite high: 185 euros with free shipping. The package includes the carbonator, the canister useful for producing up to 130 liters of water and a bottle. Those who want to prepare carbonated drinks can take advantage of this carbonator by purchasing capsules and syrups offered by the same house.

How is the Sodastream Revolution carbonator used?
The Revolution carbonator allows you to choose your ideal carbonation level from 4 possible options at the push of a button. The snap-lock system allows you to fix the bottle to the carbonator with a push while the residual CO2 level can be read from the LED display.

Who is on the hunt for aprofessional water carbonatorshould turn his gaze tofrigogasatori. Acarbonator fridgeit is more expensive than a simple water machine but has a large number of advantages: lower running costs with a better CO2 yield, sparkling water dispensed continuously and easier to use. All information is available in the articleFrigogasatore: prices and models.

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