Recycle the pallets

Recycle the pallets

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THE pallet they are an omnipresent element in modern landscapes, especially if we are in port or countryside areas. They are used for storage, transport and as packaging they have a thousand and more uses.

The life of the pallet is upset when it issustainable building to users. One of the most interesting and artistic examples of the reuse of pallet we had it in Italy, in Florence. Here, the Italian design company Avatar architecture she managed to recycle pallets of wood to set up a temporary structure for the Roman Villa of the German Institute of Culture.

The structure that recycle pallets it covered an area of ​​100 square meters. With its diamond shape, the structure has hosted several art exhibitions and shows. For its realization, the designers thought well of cutting the pallets to different widths.

The various pallet modules have been fixed together to offer the visitor striking visual models with plays of light and shadow. The only hitch is that the structure was covered with a PVC awning to protect visitors from the rain.

In daily practice, i pallet they can become a shoe rack, a stand for bicycle accommodation, a desk, a bookcase or a work table. The uses are numerous, it will be necessary to pay attention to the type of pallet that you intend to use: in i pallet used by the food industry, microorganisms of all kinds, even pathogenic bacteria, could sneak up on them.

A case report reported the results of laboratory tests conducted by independent centers; Examiners analyzed wooden pallets in Texas and Florida, and it appears that 10 percent of the wooden pallets contained traces of E. Coli and nearly 3 percent showed traces of Listeria.

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