Pistoia hospital: an example of green efficiency

Pistoia hospital: an example of green efficiency

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Big size, big savings. The new Pistoia Hospital it is a beautiful example of a public building: modern, efficient, economical. Above all, it testifies that theenergy efficiency it can be the engine of win-win actions on the economic and environmental side, the best in times of crisis. L'energy efficiency is a pillar of the green economy.

From a technological point of view, today there is everything you need to build efficient buildings in terms of energy consumption. In short, you just need to want it, and the public sector must at least lead by example: if it doesn't do it, something won't work. From this point of view, the Pistoia hospital seems ok: what you save in energy, you invest in services to the citizen.

A cogenerator for the combined production of electricity and heat will provide the energy needed by the Pistoia hospital and the service building, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with an estimated savings of 35% compared to a traditional system. Electricity will also come from 1344 interconnected photovoltaic panels with an accumulator system.

For electricity, water, heating and air conditioning at the new Pistoia hospital, eco-compatible solutions have been adopted in line with European regulations on containment of energy consumption and respect for the environment.

Also expected at the new Pistoia hospital reuse of rainwater collected from the covers: the water will be conveyed into a tank of about 200 cubic meters and, after being treated, it can be reused to feed the toilet cisterns of the sanitary services or for irrigation purposes. In this way it is estimated to recover about 10m3 of water per year.

The new Pistoia hospital will respect the energy and acoustic criteria also thanks to the panel structure of the facade. The panels made in the factory, produced in a uniform way and with an automated process, limit heat losses (less energy to heat or cool the structure) and act as a barrier against noise.

The example of new hospital of Pistoia it's important. It is estimated that in the medium term the civil sector will be able to provide about half of 20% of the energy savings envisaged by the European agreements for 2020. Industry and transport will each contribute for a quarter of the savings to be obtained.

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