Luxury Fashion and environment, the Greenpeace report cards

Luxury Fashion and environment, the Greenpeace report cards

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When we shop in high fashion boutiques, the bags they deliver often contain virgin fibers of the Indonesian rainforest. The shoes we buy could be complicit in the destruction of the Amazon. The fabrics we wear could be the cause ofwater pollution Chinese and Mexican. Greenpeace took the field for protect the consumer and theenvironment.

Greenpeace asked 15 houses ofhigh fashion to answer a questionnaire of 25 uncomfortable questions. The questions related the production processes of luxury brand with the deforestation and thepollution of water resources. Some brand called into question by Greenpeace they preferred not to fill in the questionnaire, other houses responded with clarity and transparency. Here are the report cards of Greenpeace.

Valentino: good!
He had the highest rating, in fact he is the only one luxury brand with a more than enough evaluation. Valentino completed the questionnaire in a manner transparent and a commitment could be observed environmental well established with purchasing and production policies that not they cause deforestation or water pollution.
Giorgio Armani: insufficient
Dior: insufficient
Gucci: insufficient
Luis Vuitton: insufficient
Ermenegildo Zegna: insufficient
Versace: insufficient
Salvatore Ferragamo: insufficient
Roberto Cavalli: very bad
Alberta Ferretti: zero in conduct
Chanel: zero in conduct
Dolce and Gabbana: zero in conduct
Hermes: zero in conduct
Prada: zero in conduct
Trussardi: zero in conduct

The brands that do not reach the sufficiency are those that have only marginally committed to adopting purchasing and production policies to "deforestation and zero discharges“, While the“ Bad ”rating was assigned to brand which give no certainty to consumers and have provided inaccurate answers. The "Zero in conduct" was awarded to those brands that have closed all forms of communication, proving, in the opinion of Greenpeace, companies "not available for dialogue and irresponsible towards consumers.”

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