ORTOCHIC in the heart of Milan

ORTOCHIC in the heart of Milan

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Who would have thought that the garden practice would it become a cool theme, now also the star of chic exhibitions in the elegant heart of Milan? Yet it is so, theirresistible desire for the garden which pushes a multinational household appliance to organize horticulture courses for employees (there are so many requests) it is the same thing that animates Ortochic, the exhibition-event to be held from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 March in the Lombard capital. Not in a suburban park but in the fifteenth-century cloisters of the Humanitarian Society, downtown.

Ortochic, event conceived by three communication experts, Chiara Besana (costume journalist), Daniela Di Matteo (flower and plant expert) e Francesca Lovatelli Caetani (trend setter and expert in fashion and trends) will propose the city vegetable garden in a glamorous key, bearer of physical and mental well-being, new trend of costume and fashion and healthy lifestyle.

Also in view of Expo 2015, Ortochic is applying for a fixed appointment that conveys to the Milanese the idea ofUrban garden in its coolest aspect to spread its values. The goal is to involve and stimulate those who live in the city to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers to bring to the table with an eye to the more decorative and worldly aspect. "The initiative sees the citizen as an active and propulsive subject thanks to a different way of experiencing the outdoor space, both their own and shared", say the organizers.

Ortochic will take place as part of the event of Art to eat to eat Art with his Orto d’Artista: from sowing to harvest, for many years a fixed appointment for the Milanese culture, with the patronage of Lombardy region, the municipality of Milan, Province of Milan ed Expo 2013. The zero-kilometer specialty market also enriches the appeal to the public Popogusto which will take place simultaneously on Saturday 23 March inside the cloisters.

Ortochic will give its visitors the opportunity to actively experience the multiple experiences of the garden with a rich series of workshops and creative workshops: from how create a vegetable garden on the balcony, to creation of clothing with dyes derived from vegetables, from sensory paths for the little ones to themed cake design demonstrations at the floral makeup for adults and children.

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